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Infrared desk heater 150 watt


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New Infrared desk heater 150 watt
infrared desk heater 150 watt

With these desk heating, you are relieved in three simple acts of cold legs and feet under your desk. This desk heating can also be used in shops, at the cash register or packing table in a company.
With a desk heater, you can comfortably and easily realize direct heating at your desk or worktop. The consumption of a desk heater is very low. On average, consumption is only 3 cents per hour!

A desk heater can easily be placed under your desk with the adhesive strip on the back. After removal of the adhesive strip, the desk heating can be pressed in the desired location.

By using energy-efficient infrared technology, a desk heater is economical in the use of energy. With a heating desk of 150 watts, a 1500 watt electric heater can easily be replaced. A desk heater can be used in combination with existing heating to increase the comfort per workplace. Your employees can set the desired temperature of their workplace with desk heating.

The desk heater is equipped with a step-less heat setting. You can easily adjust the desired comfort temperature with a rotary knob. The heat radiation from the infrared heating, which is incorporated in the desk heater, provides direct sensible heat on your legs.

With the infinitely adjustable control, the temperature of the fiber panel can be set to a maximum of 70 degrees. Because there is no talk of air movement, you do not suffer from an annoying draft under your desk. You decide the best place for your desk heating. The heating can be placed directly under the desk at the bottom of the blade. It is also possible to stick the desk heating horizontally or vertically against the back or sidewall of your desk.

If you have a chest of drawers under your desk, this chest of drawers can also serve as an attachment point. Then plug the plug of the supplied step-less heat regulator into the socket and enjoy a pleasant warmth on your legs.

Old-fashioned electric heaters and heaters are known for their fire risk. Company fires are regularly caused by these heaters. It is not for nothing that a fire inspection will give a warning when you use such electric heaters. Ensure safety and comfort with desk heating.
specifications infrared panel
Wattage150 Watt
Voltage230 Volt
Ampere0,65 Amp
Weight200 gram
Dimensions600 mm x 300 mm x 5 mm
IP ValueIP 44
Connection190 cm cable with plug
Warranty2 Years

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