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With HeatXL powder coated metal infrared heating you can heat one or more office spaces in a comfortable and energy-efficient way. Infrared heating is particularly interesting for office environments because it is easy to heat rooms separately. This allows the ideal temperature to be set for each workstation, while our ceiling infrared panels have a very high level efficiency thanks to the specially coated surface. Our infrared heating fits perfectly in any office space and can be adjusted to your needs.

The panels are slightly structured, whitewashed and therefore scratch-resistant and colourfast. These panels have one particularly robust and durable heating element, which heats evenly everywhere. Thanks to special thermal insulation, these metal infrared panels are a very efficient and sustainable heating system, while the heat losses at the rear are reduced to a minimum.

We would be happy to advise you on choosing the right size radiator for your needs. We are available at any time, so contact us!