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Arta patio heater

This Welltherm Arta is recommended for ceiling mounting because of the design and fixed mounting ba..


Ecaros 1000 Watt panel white glass

Ecaros  infrared panel 1000 Watt white glassEcaros infrared panels are known for their sunstai..


Ecaros 1000 Watt metal panel

Ecaros infrared panel 1000 WattEcaros is a high-quality infrared panel that meets the strict require..


Eco-Line 710 Watt metal panel Welltherm

Eco-Line 710 Watt metal panel WellthermThis Welltherm Eco Line is an affordable infrared heater tha..


Ecosun Heatstrip 1200 ANC with anti-rust treatment

This Ecosun heat strip is ideal for industrial areas. Because of his high temperature infrared hea..


Helios TITAN EHT2 40

This industrial short wave heater is recommended at a height of 5,00 / 5,50 m. This heater heats up..


Heliosa 102 FM

Parasol Bracket up to 100 mm.Color black..


Heliosa 11FMX5-AL Amberlight

This Progetti Heliosa is an Italian design with a rotating bracket that can be mounted under awning..


Heliosa 44-B-MOB-AL

This Progetti Heliosa 44 is an Italian design patio heater to be mounted on the wall. They can heat..


Heliosa 66-B-MOB-AL

This Progetti Heliosa 66 is an Italian design patio heater to be mounted on the wall. They can heat..


Heliosa 994-X5 patio heating

This Progetti Heliosa 994 is an Italian design patio heater on a Giraffe stand. They can heat a spa..

Infrared desk heater 150 watt New

Infrared desk heater 150 watt

infrared desk heater 150 wattWith these desk heating, you are relieved in three simple acts of cold..


Lamp SP990510

1500 Watt SP990510 replacement lamp..


Mo-El Heatstrip 1800 Watt Hot-Top silver with dimmer

This MO.EL Hot Top without dimmer is a high temperature heat strip that gives a heat of 350°C. Thi..


Watts BT-CT02-RFW Touch Screen

The central unit is equipped with a colour capacitive touch screen of 4.3” in a choice of ..